Shoe Box Ministry For Christmas

Our goal is to fill up to 125 gift boxes for the Mexicali Brick Yard community who live in extreme poverty. Starting September 27th the church will have empty plastic shoe-size boxes available along with instructions on how to fill them up. A sign up sheet will be passed around during our church service for picking up your box or boxes that day.

This is for boy and girls ages 4 to 13. We will have tags that can be taped to the outside of the box indicating whether its for a boy or girl and for what age range.

Turn in a full shoe box gift to our church no later than October 25th. The filled up boxes can be given to Ginger Ward, Gina Camacho, Tammy Moore, Gloria Anderholt, Lynne Ming or Melanie Gaddis.

Our goal is 125 gift boxes! Lets do this!