Centre for Christian Missions

My Salvation, Call & Mission Work...

God saved me, a wretch, from sin, self and Satan in 1986 in Holtville, California! I was 25 years old, steeped in pride and hungry for power and earthly possessions. When God entered my heart everything radically changed and immediately. I became sold out for God! I read my Bible hours and hours a day, witnessed to everyone around me and gave generously to Kingdom causes. Joy, peace, hope and divine purpose flooded my soul.  I joined Trinity Baptist Church in Holtville, California and learned about Missions through reading my Bible and listening to the sermons of Pastor Richard Moore week after week. The more I read, the more I listened, the more I understood God was commanding all Christians everywhere to make disciples of Jesus Christ locally and globally. I watched two godly church members, Louise Bonham and Terry Byrd, daily, sacrificially, lay down their lives for Kingdom causes. I longed to be like them and they inspired me to give my all to Jesus! In May of 1988 while at a prayer meeting I wept profusely for 1.5 hours before the Lord while others around me praised and petitioned God. I was burdened beyond description and at the end of this deeply spiritual encounter, God clearly, inaudibly spoke to my soul..."Go and make disciples of all nations" (Mt 28:19). I knew it was the voice of my great Shepherd commissioning me to go!  Ten years later, in March of 1998, after Bible College and Seminary training and ongoing mission experiences, I left country, culture and familiars for career missions in Zambia of Central Africa. By God's grace, I have planted along with national Christians, 3 educational institutions, CCM Bible College (planted in 2000), CCM Academy (2007) and CCM Seminary (2011). We currently train over 500 students in all of our educational institutions. In 2009 I planted CCM Global which today provides monthly support to over 15 missionaries serving in 10 African and Asian countries, with funds raised up within Africa.  Now my sites are set on establishing universities in Africa that will specialize in equipping Christian workers specifically for Islamic, Nominal and Animistic mission fields throughout Africa and the 10/40 Window. We want to open more unreached areas with the gospel of grace and for our TRIUNE GOD. My continual song is that of the Psalmist,  "May the peoples praise you, Oh God, may all the peoples praise you!" (Psalm 67:3,5).  Though it was nearly 30 years ago now, my heart has never forgotten plot #922 E. Ross Road, near Holtville, California where I met God powerfully and personally! Nor have I forgotten the faithful saints of Trinity Baptist Church, under the able leadership of Pastor Richard Moore, who saw the missionary in me and prepared me for Missions in Africa!

Oh, what a Savior, Christ Jesus!
How great thou art!

 Bonnie Ndelemeti
September 30,  2015
Kitwe, Zambia, Central Africa