2016 MARCH CCM Mission Moment

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“Equipping Christians to Fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Worldwide”

Joyous Christian greetings from beautiful Zambia!  After a REFRESHING and WONDERFUL seven weeks in the USA we are now back on mission for God in Zambia!  Here are our latest praises!

Oftentimes when we return to the USA we are in need of money to build buildings, buy books, or to jump-start a ministry.  This time we purposed that all the money donated by the American churches would go to bring appreciation gifts back to the CCM team members & educational gifts for our Bible College Day School students, a total of 56 people.  God granted our hearts cry!  From the generous gifts of the American churches we were able to buy Study Bibles, educational tablets and covers, neckties and scarfs & give a cash gift to each CCM team member.

JOY ERUPTED in the hall as each received their gifts!  They broke out in songs of praise, worshipped the Lord & clapped repeatedly.  Some offered tears of thanksgiving & others were stunned to silence! God had remembered their sacrificial labours in the Lord & blessed them through the American churches! THE CELEBRATION WERE PRICELESS, one of the most precious moments I have witnessed during my 18 years in Africa!  A deep heartfelt THANKS to all who helped to make this possible!

Life in Africa is hard for our Bible College students.  Many come from very poor backgrounds, struggle to pay the tuition fees & eat only 1 meal a day throughout their studies.  Victor Mushimbami, a very promising first year mission student, is no exception.  When I told him that Sister Michele was going to donate $50 a month to cover his Bible College tuition, housing, and food costs he was overwhelmed!  Tears flooded his eyes & he pulled out his handkerchief & wept. For those who saw the video while we were in the States he is the one who masterfully memorized & recited the 10 Commandments!  For just $1.66 a day or $50 a month you can sponsor a future African leader studying at CCM Bible College and make a huge impact on the African harvest field!  PRAY FOR MORE PEOPLE TO SPONSOR OTHER BIBLE COLLEGE STUDENTS!

We returned to find the mission flats nearly complete  The kitchen units and electrical works that were incomplete when we left for the States are now almost done!  The flats look impressive!  A Chinese company looked at them recently!  The flat rentals will be used to support missionaries serving in Africa and around the world.  Our focus is to largely support missionaries serving in unreached areas, among those precious souls that have NEVER HEARD of Jesus’ love & salvation!  PRAY FOR GOD TO SEND US THE RIGHT TENANT(S)!  PRAY, GOD WILLING, THAT ALL FIVE FLATS WILL BE RENTED BY ONE COMPANY OR GROUP & THIS MONTH!
Bennett is slowly progressing from his bout of dangerously high blood pressure.  The clinic doctor would not treat him, but referred him immediately to the Emergency Room.  After IV drips his blood pressure dropped, but it still needs to reduce more.  His double vision is gone. PRAY FOR A FULL RECOVERY & THAT GOD WILL GIVE BENNETT HEART & WILL TO RESPONSIBLY MANAGE HIS HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE!

We deeply thank God for your prayers & partnership in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Bennett & Bonnie Ndelemeti

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